Garmin Edge Touring Cycling GPS Navigation Devices For All Cyclists

Garmin Edge Touring and Edge Touring Plus

Garmin Edge Touring and Edge Touring Plus

Unlike its predecessors that were focused on logging ride data, the all new Garmin Edge Touring and Edge Touring Plus navigation systems are all about showing the way. Packed with extensive maps, users can plot routes using destinations, points of interests, or just by telling the Edge how long they intend to ride for.

The Garmin Edge Touring and Touring plus are identical looks-wise, water-resistant and feature a 2.6-inch touchscreen interface while the Plus includes a barometric altimeter for more accurate tracking of changes in altitude and is compatible with Ant+ peripheral devices such as heart-rate monitors and power meters.

Both devices claim to have a battery life of 15 hours while folks who require more will be able to purchase the optional Garmin powermonkey eXplorer external battery pack. Look out for the full Garmin Edge Touring and Edge Touring Plus reviews soon!

Android-based Garmin nuvi A Reality With Garmin nuvi 3592LM

Garmin nuvi 3592LM

Garmin nuvi 3592LM

Absolutely! If you live in Singapore or Malaysia, it’s good news for you! The Garmin nuvi 3592LM is a robust GPS device that runs Android 4.0, giving users access to the Google Play app store, WiFi connectivity, a video and music player, and a slew of other options such as a driving recorder with companion VIRB-like software, rear-view camera, and a split-screen view for those front and rear cameras. This GPS machine can also run Google Maps.

A device such as this is certainly a hint of more interesting things to come for other countries too. While it may be shocking to see the entire nuvi line switch to Android, a Garmin-Android device for next year’s top of the line nuvi would not come as a surprise.

Get Into The Hunt With Magellan’s new eXplorist 350H

If you would like to have a piece of gear that will enhance your next hunting experience, check out the new Magellan eXplorist 350H. It comes with a host of new features that provides you with pre-loaded base maps with contour elevations and Game Management Units (GMU).  The GMU ensures that you will not venture beyond the area which you are permitted to hunt.

Magellan eXplorist 350H

Magellan eXplorist 350H

The rugged built quality, camouflaged design and portability is made for use in all weather conditions. Buttons are large and tactile enough for use with gloves on. It is literally built for the hunt. It also comes with a version that includes a Gerber Myth Pocket Knife.

For virtual scouting ability Magellan has incorporated Digital Globe satellite imagery.  It also features hunting specific waypoints and geofences. A one-year subscription to Digital Globe satellite imagery is included with the purchase.

One cool features is its Backtrack & Active Suspend mode. Use active suspend and turn off the GPS to save battery. When the eXplorist 350H is turned back on it will have your tracks captured and stored so you can quickly make your way back to your campsite or vehicle.

Also included is a calendar to identify the best days and time to hunt based on moon phases and solunar positioning. Planning the hunt is also easy from the comfort of your home with Magellan free VantagePoint software.

Visit Magellan USA for more info.

First GPS Watch Designed For Aviators : Garmin D2™ Pilot Watch

Garmin D2 Pilot Watch

Garmin D2 Pilot Watch

The Garmin D2™ is a GPS-enabled watch designed for aviators, offering Garmin’s signature direct-to and nearest navigation functions, an adjustable altimeter, the option to display both local and Zulu/UTC time, and the ability to integrate with Garmin Pilot™, VIRB™, and more.

It offers aviators the option to customize the display by assigning data fields such as, GPS ground speed, GPS track, distance, estimated time enroute, bearing, glide ratio, and more. Even further, pilots can easily find the nearest airport or perform a direct-to function, with the press of a button.

By integrating the D2 with Garmin Pilot, users will be able to conveniently create waypoints and build flight plans within Garmin Pilot and wirelessly transfer them to the D2.

The Garmin D2 will be released in November, just in time for the holiday season! Stay tuned for the full Garmin D2 review!

Garmin Rolling Out New Series Of Advanced Car GPS With HD Traffic

Garmin is rolling out a new series of Advanced nuvi models that will be bundled with the GTM-60 HD traffic receiver. There are 4 new models on Garmin’s site:

1. Garmin nuvi 2458LMTHD ($269.99)
2. Garmin nuvi 2498LMTHD ($299.99)
3. Garmin nuvi 2558LMTHD ($289.99)
4. Garmin nuvi 2598LMTHD ($319.99)

The first 2 are 4.3″ units while the nuvi 25xx are 5″ displays. HD Digital Traffic is included as free lifetime update.

HD Digital Traffic saves you more traveling time and is more responsive as it receives updates every 30 seconds. For example, at a speed of 60 mph, the new advanced nuvis are able to receive traffic messages every half a mile saving you minutes or even hours of delay.

In addition, HD Digital Traffic has a greater coverage area to include interstates, highways and secondary roads. There are 3 times more side road coverage. It also has the capacity to receive significantly more traffic messages. That valuable information can help you decide whether to stay the course or find another route.


Track Your Run With The TomTom Runner GPS Watch

TomTom is looking to make a name for itself in the sports and fitness market. The TomTom Runner GPS watch is one of its first products in this segment. It combines a light and water-resistant design with an intuitive interface by combining an accelerometer and GPS into one.

TomTom Runner GPS Watch

TomTom Runner GPS Watch

The TomTom Runner GPS watch is light and the built quality is excellent. It tracks your runs and then uploads the data to one of many fitness sites. It works both outdoors and also on a treadmill. The built-in sensors count your strides so you can monitor your pace and distance. It helps that it is waterproof so if you are caught in the rain while running is not a problem. An optional Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor is also available to assist you in training within the right zone for weight control, performance or speed.

Weighing just 1.75 ounces, the TomTom Runner is comfortable to wear all day even when you are not on your runs as the time and date are always on the screen. The 1 x 0.85-inch display is large enough and is scratch and impact-resistant. It is available in three colors: turquoise, pink and dark gray.

You can easily sync data captured during the run with a fitness site, such as MapMyRun via a proprietary docking connector. Although it comes with Bluetooth there is no wireless option to do this. With TomTom’s QuickGPSFix technology you can find your location quickly to begin your running routine. The vibration alerts helps you stay focused on your run.

Runners, marathoners and sprinters will find the TomTom Runner GPS a good workout companion.

TomTom Commuter Concept Unveiled

TomTom Commuter

TomTom Commuter

TomTom has unveiled the all new TomTom Commuter concept and it promises to provide drivers with a dynamic Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of their car journeys.

The TomTom Commuter will update drivers with changing traffic conditions so drivers will be equipped with enough information to work out the quickest route to their destination. It aims to take the guesswork out of your daily commute, eradicating uncertainty and enabling drivers to make informed decisions.

Look out for the release of the TomTom Commuter!

What Is Garmin Up To? A GPS Camcorder?

Well yes. Garmin, the world’s top GPS brand is doing video too. The action and adventure niche is getting a lot of attention and Garmin wants to take a piece of the pie too.

Named the Garmin VIRB, it records 1080p HD video at 1920 x 1080 30fps, 720p HD video 1280 x 720 30 fps and 60 fps, and time lapse options. Although Garmin might be late to the game, but the new VIRB still has lots to offer. There are 2 models. The Elite version comes with GPS and Wi-Fi which allows it to connect to your smartphone.

Garmin VIRB

The sleek, aerodynamic design makes it look really cool and tough. It is built to withstand the elements and is waterproof up to one meter of water. There is also an optional 50m deep dive case. The battery life is impressive at three hours, much better than GoPro’s Hero 3. It is also designed to work with Garmin’s ecosystem of devices. If you own a the Garmin Edge 810, Oregon 600 series or the Garmin Fenix  you can use it to control the VIRB and set up sensors.

The two variants are priced at $299 (regular) and $399 (Elite).

Check Out The Latest GPS Goggles By Zeal

It’s not skiing season yet but no harm checking out these cool GPS goggles by Zeal, one of the few brands dedicated to making technologically advanced ski goggles which include heads-up display technology. It’s always good to know how fast you’re going and how far you’ve gone when you are skiing.

Designed and crafted in Boulder, Colorado, these Zeal goggles include tiny GPS receivers and a set of sensors to provide speed, distance, altitude, vertical descent data, chronometer, time, temperature, run counter, jump stats, and location information in real time. And all these data can be readily downloaded to your computer for performance analysis. The GPS display is displayed on a 16:9 HUD widescreen format.

Zeal Z3 GPS LIVE Googles

Zeal has 3 models starting from$299. The top of the line Z3 GPS LIVE lists for $599 and it comes with high tech Polarized Automatic lens that change with the light so you don’t need to swap lenses for different conditions. These lenses are handcrafted in Japan so you can expect one of the highest clarity you can get even in the most extreme conditions.

Smartphone connectivity is a must nowadays with any high tech gizmo and the Z3 LIVE enables Caller ID, text messages, and buddy tracking. These gizmos are certainly not cheap but you pay for what you get.

Stay Connected With The Magellan SmartGPS

The GPS landscape is largely dominated by Garmin forcing other players to come out with more innovative ideas to challenge the status quo. Magellan has done just that with its SmartGPS. But whether it will change the way consumers view the way a PND device is used remains to be seen.

The Magellan SmartGPS is a navigation device that extends its function by connecting to the internet either through a MiFi, or via a shared connection over Bluetooth with your phone. It has a large 5″ screen and works just like a normal GPS when there is no internet connection. But when connected it provides a lot more functions on-screen like Foursquare destinations and Yelp reviews. And with the SmartGPS App it provides a seamless mobile experience from home to vehicle. You could search for your favorite restaurant on the phone while still at home and automatically beam the address to the SmartGPS when you reach the car. You can also receive real time traffic alerts, weather updates, compare fuel prices and even red light camera alerts.

The 5-inch glass capacitive screen features a modest 800 by 480-pixel resolution. Even with a 5″ screen, the problem is if there is too much information on-screen content it can be over-whelming while you are driving. So while more content is useful there is only so much on-screen real estate can offer without causing distraction.