Your Motorcycle Needs Garmin Zumo

There came a point where Garmin realized that motorcyclists can’t stick with RoadMates for GPS navigation. Then they created the Zumo, motorcycle GPS designed specifically to meet the needs of motorcyclists.

Garmin zumo

For motorcyclists, the Zumo can be operated without taking off your gloves and it is designed to provide better riding experience! From the world’s leading GPS provider, you can expect the best navigation features. These include junction view, lane assist and TracBack!

Your Garmin Zumo will get you safely from wherever you are to where you want to go. Grab the free add-on of lifetime map updates to navigate with the most up-to-date roads, highways and POIs!

Weather is always the factor for motorcyclists. Hence the Zumo was tested to withstand the harshest of conditions, from the scorching heat to freezing temperatures and heavy rain. Worry not, as the Zumo was designed with fuel-resistant plastic to keep any gaseous vapors out of your GPS navigator.

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Garmin Edge 810 for Your Bike

Garmin’s latest GPS for bikes presents the Edge 810. The device is an all-in-one touchscreen designed for cyclists with navigation and advanced training capabilities.

Garmin Edge 810

Garmin Edge 810

What’s more, you can connect via your smartphone to access features such as live tracking, social media sharing and weather forecasts! The 810 can also be used to guide you when touring and other navigation purposes in conjunction with TOPO maps.

Built for cycling, it records distance, speed and route inclination. The multitude of functions allow you to customize your preferences with a simple swipe of the touchscreen to show your data for your journey!

Linked to your smartphone, the Garmin Edge 810 pairs to iOS or Android via the Garmin Connect Mobile app. Extensive and precise data from your ride can be obtained from this dedicated device without draining your precious mobile battery. The Edge 810 obtains the data and sends it to your phone using Bluetooth. Stay connected by sharing your journey with friends and family on social media in real time!

The Edge 810 carries a sporty design which is waterproof. 17-hour battery life and able to operate with wet or gloved fingers.

For something less pricey you can also consider the Garmin Edge 510 which comes with a smaller 2.2 in screen but still manage to pack a host of nice features in a small package.

Using Your Smartphone As A Golf GPS Device

There are many models of Golf GPS devices in the market. But if you bring your phone to tee why buy another device when you can just use your smartphone to help you around the course.

One of the better ones out there is GolfLogix.  Founded in 1999, GolfLogix was the first to introduce handheld GPS to the golf industry and holds a U.S. patent for its unique GPS and Internet-based club tracking application. Most of these Golf GPS apps do not come free.  As of this writing GolfLogix costs $19.99 from iTunes App Store and GooglePlay. It has all the features you need around the course. It even sends personalized lessons and videos to your smartphone immediately after every round tips with tips from the top players.  To make golfing even more convenient they have partnered with where you can  book your favorite course online and pick a tee-time deal that fits your schedule and budget.


Costing a little more at $24.99 is Mobitee Premium iPhone Golf GPS.  The latest version includes full iPhone 5 support.  One thing we like about this appp is that it is simple and easy-to-use.  It comes with satellite and aerial views of each hole, as well as video flyovers for many holes. A good feature to have if the course is a large one.

Moving up a little more in price is Golfshot ($29.99) which has the most top of the line features. It sets itself apart with its best-in-class stats tracking and graphing. It automatically creates superb color graphics for fairways hit and missed, greens in regulation, sand saves, putts per hole, and more. Additional features include Zoomable aerial view with “TruePoint” touch targeting for distances,  Shot distance tracking, automatic course handicap calculator, e-mailable scorecards and iPad support.

Introducing Garmin’s New HUD (Heads Up Display) GPS Device

Garmin has covered almost every type of GPS you can possibly think of  – for cars, trucks, boats, bikes, dogs, sports, hiking, fishing, etc.  So what else can they think of next? How about a GPS with Heads-up Display?

Head-up displays, or HUDs in short,  are nothing new and have been in cars since the ’80s. But they are not very common due to costs and uncertainty whether it will be useful aid for drivers.

Nevertheless Garmin is going ahead with the launch of an HUD unit to project navigation information on a transparent film applied to the windshield. It works by connecting to your smartphone via bluetooth and projects directions from its StreetPilot or Navigon smartphone apps. What a neat solution without any major modifications to your car.

Garmin HUD

The navigation information is presented in a simplified format so that it does not affect the driver’s attention from the road. The display shows distance to the next turn, turn arrows, the car’s current speed, the posted speed limit and estimated time of arrival in clear green text that is easy on the eye. The HUD also automatically adjusts brightness for day or night driving.

Priced at $129.99, the Garmin HUD is still pending approval by the FCC. Visit Garmin for more information.

Presenting The Garmin BarkLimiter™

You heard right! The BarkLimiter by Garmin is the world’s first intuitive electronic bark correction device! Capable of differentiating between nuisance barking, and barking to communicate injury or intruders, the BarkLimiter is one if its kind in the market.

Garmin Edge 510 & Edge 810

Garmin BarkLimiter™

It uses accelerometer-based bark identification to distinguish the different types of barking. What’s more, the compact and lightweight BarkLimiter is built with proven Tri-Tronics dog training technology and is optimized to work on all breeds regardless of the thickness of their coat. And it is ready to go right out of the box, no set-up required!

Without any adjustment in the settings, the BarkLimiter is automatically set for Autorise, which is the lowest correction level and slow adjusts to the level to stop unwanted barking. Settings can be changed between automatic and manual. The built-in Bark Odometer™ helps determine if your manual setting is effective.

Garmin Gives Bikers The ‘Edge’

Serious bikers now have another excellent tool in their pursuit of excellence with the latest Garmin GPS bike computers. Garmin prides itself as the first to bring GPS technology to the cycling community. And also the first to let cyclists put their ride on the map and accurately record detailed metrics which can be shared on the social media.

The new Garmin Edge 510 and Edge 810 comes with connected features that give you live tracking, wireless data transfers, weather and social media sharing. They come with full-color touchscreens that is glove friendly. The simple and neat menu makes it very easy to use. With smartphone connectivity and Garmin Connect Mobile app, trips that you have done can be easily uploaded so that your friends and family can follow your route or races in real time using the LiveTrack feature. Invite followers using email or social media, so they can view your live data on a Garmin Connect tracking page. Once they get your email invite, they can click to follow and see your stats and location on the map. Read the full Garmin Edge 510 review

Garmin Edge 510 & Edge 810

Garmin Edge 510 & Edge 810

The built quality is improved and made for the rugged terrain. Battery life is also excellent. Garmin claims that these units can last for 17 hours on the go. A new mounting option is included which allows for heads-up positioning.

The larger Edge 810 comes with built-in basemap with basic navigation capabilities for navigation and guidance on and off-road. Read the full Garmin Edge 810 review.

Watch Ryder Hesjedal, David Millar, Dan Martin and Andrew Talansky as they prepare for the upcoming pro cycling season:

Check Out The Magellan RoadMate 9250T-LMB

You don’t get a 7-inch GPS navigator everyday but when you do, consider the Magellan RoadMate 9250T-LMB. The high resolution screen oh the RoadMate offers a touch screen display with day and night views for easy visibility, the ideal choice for just about any vehicle!

Magellan RoadMate 9250T-LMB

Magellan RoadMate 9250T-LMB

Free lifetime map updates, traffic alerts and a bluetooth technology to allow you to pair with your mobile device to act as a speakerphone. You can adopt to pick up the award-winning Magellan Wireless Back-up Camera for added safety when backing out of the driveway or when parallel parking.

Landmark Guidance feature will allow you to get to your destination with landmarks as your guide, giving you a different way of navigating if you hate the tiny road signs. Verbal instructions are provided by the 9250T-LMB and you will also receive alerts from PhantomALERT to help you escape those speeding tickets.

You will get nothing short of 7-million Points of Interests (POI) of preloaded destinations from gas stations to attractions. Plan your route before-hand with Magellan’s multi-destination routing; plug in those destinations and your RoadMate will plan the most efficient route for you!

On the road, the automatic re-route will get you back on track if you miss a turn. You can choose your personal viewing preference in either portrait or landscape. Each have their benefits where landscape gives you greater peripheral view, portrait gives you an extended view of the road ahead.

Introducing Mangellan’s eXplorist 710

The eXplorist 710 is tough, waterproof and has impeccable reception for accurate handheld GPS navigation. Magellan’s eXplorist series is like no other.

Magellan eXplorist 710

Garmin Monterra

The 710 fits in your palm allowing for 2D or 3D viewing angles. Complete road networks in US, Canada, Western Europe and Australia coupled with major road networks in all other parts of the globe.

Navigate through the city with turn-by-turn directions from your very own handheld with 3D views to guide you along the way! Easily locate the nearest petrol station, bike kiosk or drug store. With a large database of address book entries, waypoints and geocaches, you will never be lost with the eXplorist 710.

Combining the functionality of a touchscreen and 2 customizable buttons, you get the best of both worlds. You get to program these 2 buttons to your most used functions for easy access with just a button away. The eXplorist runs on 2 AA batteries which will last up to 16 hours.

Last but not least, the the eXplorist 710 comes with Magellan’s award winning OneTouch™ favorites menu! This provides you with instant access to bookmarks of your favorite places.

Garmin Monterra With An Android OS

Just released 3 days ago, the Monterra is the first WiFi-enabled outdoor handheld GPS with an Android operating system (OS). The outdoors is where it will be and the sunlight-readable touchscreen gives you just what you need. With available WiFi, apps can be downloaded on the device wirelessly.


Garmin Monterra

It sports a 4-inch multi-touch display with a unique 3D MapMerge and the function to create new apps. With the Android OS, it gives access to your favorite outdoor-related Android apps such as Peak Finder or through Google Play Store. It comes with a built-in FM radio and NOAA weather radio. Audio can be heard through either the built-in speaker or with headphones.

This device will tell you exactly where you are with the 3-axis compass with accelerometer and gyro. The barometric altimeter will tell you your precise altitude from the changes in pressure. The high sensitivity from the dual-band GPS and GLONASS receiver will tell you were you are even in deep places such as canyons.

An 8-megapixel camera gives you an all in one device without you needing to bring a camera. Photos can be geo-tagged for easy return navigation plus a 1080p HD camera with LED flash. An 8GB internal memory can be boosted with a separate microSD for greater storage capacity.

Your solution for outdoor handheld navigation, the Garmin Monterra. Hiking, hunting, geocaching, golfing or even dog training; the Garmin Monterra will be your friend across a multitude of activities with many useful functions which come along with it.

MapMyIndia Launches Trailblazer 2 GPS Navigator

Leader in digital maps in India, MapMyIndia focuses on GPS devices, location apps and GIS solutions. The newest product is the Trailblazer 2, designed for motorbikes.


Trailblazer 2

Sporting a 8.9cm wide touchscreen, the Trailblazer runs on the motorcycle’s battery. With a special bike clamp mount, it can be kept steady on the motorbike’s handlebar and can be just as easily removed as it is placed. Voice instructions can be installed from MapMyIndia and can be heard through any standard A2DP Bluetooth headset.

It can play music, movies and store photos as well. It also houses a new state-of-the-art software, “Don’t Panic”; a brand new GPS navigation software interface pioneered by India’s best 3D and house-level maps from MapMyIndia.

This GPS unit will not fall short of giving you the best and most accurate maps in India. Door-to-door navigation to house addresses in up to 50 cities coupled with 10.33 million points of interests (POI) will get you to your destination with ease!