Introducing Garmin’s New HUD (Heads Up Display) GPS Device

Garmin has covered almost every type of GPS you can possibly think of  – for cars, trucks, boats, bikes, dogs, sports, hiking, fishing, etc.  So what else can they think of next? How about a GPS with Heads-up Display?

Head-up displays, or HUDs in short,  are nothing new and have been in cars since the ’80s. But they are not very common due to costs and uncertainty whether it will be useful aid for drivers.

Nevertheless Garmin is going ahead with the launch of an HUD unit to project navigation information on a transparent film applied to the windshield. It works by connecting to your smartphone via bluetooth and projects directions from its StreetPilot or Navigon smartphone apps. What a neat solution without any major modifications to your car.

Garmin HUD

The navigation information is presented in a simplified format so that it does not affect the driver’s attention from the road. The display shows distance to the next turn, turn arrows, the car’s current speed, the posted speed limit and estimated time of arrival in clear green text that is easy on the eye. The HUD also automatically adjusts brightness for day or night driving.

Priced at $129.99, the Garmin HUD is still pending approval by the FCC. Visit Garmin for more information.