Riding a motorcycle is more than just getting oneself from one location to another. Riding a motorcycle can be a Zen-like experience. That said, the whole part of getting to one’s location is a pretty important thing. The TomTom Rider 400 Motorcycle GPS definitely helps the cause of reaching a destination on-time and without any off-road sojourns that make a trip unbearable.

The release of the new TomTom Rider 400 presents an improvement over an already solid device. The new model comes with features sure to be appreciated by those motorcyclists interested in following the road on a reliable GPS.

TomTom Rider 400

TomTom Rider 400

So, what does this device have to offer?

The Adventure Commences….and Continues with Ease

Taking the most direct destination is certainly a possibility with this device. Those who wish to enjoy riding their motorcycle for fun and enjoyment may be interested in something a little more adventurous. The TomTom Rider 400 Motorcycle GPS absolutely can deliver a more exciting route.

The GPS allows riders to select a path that includes Winding Roads and/or Hilly Roads. Those who want to avoid the dull nature of a sea-level journey across a straight road can easily tap the screen and find a much more fun route. And tapping the screen really is all that has to be done. No unnecessary, complicated steps are required to tweak a journey. The touchscreen works nicely and easily. No excessive effort is required to navigate the device.

Bluetooth fans will appreciate the ability to integrate one device with another with voice-operated instruction. Those who want to keep their hands on the handlebars are definitely going to appreciate this feature. A decent headset makes these audio commands understood by the device and simple to relay by the rider.

Round-Trip Crafting

Getting someplace is only one-half of the journey. Getting back home is just as important. So is how the return trip is planned. Some may opt for a retreat that is equally adventurous as the journey to the original destination. Others may find a one-way adventure to be enough and prefer the simpler return venture home. The choice of how to go about devising a round-trip is up to the cyclist.

Sharing Options

The integration of the TomTom Rider 400 Motorcycle GPS does more than just work with Bluetooth – it works with the community of motorcyclists as common “Points of Interests” can be accessed and shared.

MyDrive Connection

Another connection that can be made is through connecting a PC/Tablet or smartphone with the TomTom Rider 400. This allows the user to check out traffic conditions and longer in advance of heading out on the roads. A little pre-planning does a lot to make travels a lot more fun. This feature further adds to the ease of traveling.

Crystal Clear Clarity

Viewing the screen does not come with any worries over clarity. The colors, imaging, and resolution are all excellent. There is a “Portrait View” connected with the screen, which means the screen is capable of displaying a nice rotation that reveals bends that may be lying ahead.

A Solid Device

The release of the new TomTom Rider 400 reveals a feature-packed and inexpensive item that is a perfect purchase for the serious adventure biker. Those looking for an upgrade should check this device out.