Navevo Releases Satellite-Based Alert Feature

Navevo, UK’s leading software navigation specialist provides state-of-the-art in-vehicle satellite navigation systems. This time, they are offering a ProNav HGV Cyclist Alert. Heavy-goods vehicles (HVG) now have this safety feature on the new ProNav PNN420 satellite navigation device.

With the increasing number of cyclists in London, this device helps to ensure accidents between cyclists and truck drivers are minimized. This software developed in conjunction with Transport for London (TFL) provides vehicle drivers with both audio and visual alerts when nearing a junction with many cyclists.

50-meter warning zones are demarcated at junctions with high convergence of cyclists and trucks to act as a preemptive measure to ensure drivers have ample time to scan their vicinity for any cyclists on the road. For a start, 100 high-convergence areas have been included in this software.

Navevo CEO, Nick Caesari is proud to lead the navigation industry with the world’s first safety feature which will help contribute to greater safety on roads and reducing accidents between trucks and cyclists.