Garmin Monterra With An Android OS

Just released 3 days ago, the Monterra is the first WiFi-enabled outdoor handheld GPS with an Android operating system (OS). The outdoors is where it will be and the sunlight-readable touchscreen gives you just what you need. With available WiFi, apps can be downloaded on the device wirelessly.


Garmin Monterra

It sports a 4-inch multi-touch display with a unique 3D MapMerge and the function to create new apps. With the Android OS, it gives access to your favorite outdoor-related Android apps such as Peak Finder or through Google Play Store. It comes with a built-in FM radio and NOAA weather radio. Audio can be heard through either the built-in speaker or with headphones.

This device will tell you exactly where you are with the 3-axis compass with accelerometer and gyro. The barometric altimeter will tell you your precise altitude from the changes in pressure. The high sensitivity from the dual-band GPS and GLONASS receiver will tell you were you are even in deep places such as canyons.

An 8-megapixel camera gives you an all in one device without you needing to bring a camera. Photos can be geo-tagged for easy return navigation plus a 1080p HD camera with LED flash. An 8GB internal memory can be boosted with a separate microSD for greater storage capacity.

Your solution for outdoor handheld navigation, the Garmin Monterra. Hiking, hunting, geocaching, golfing or even dog training; the Garmin Monterra will be your friend across a multitude of activities with many useful functions which come along with it.

Look Out For The Garmin Nuvi 3490LMT

2012 showed us some brand new Garmin GPS navigators onto the scene and one of them is the Garmin nuvi 3490LMT. While many will balk at the rather steep price tag, this navigator packs every trick in Garmin’s books into an ultra-thin chassis.

Other features include an improved user interface, quick and snappy performance, and a sleek look. These features, together with lifetime map updates and 3D Traffic Digital service, make this GPS navigator a beauty to have.

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Garmin nuvi 2495LMT – 2012 Garmin Advanced Series

In 2012, Garmin introduced three categories in which it segregates its GPS navigators – the “Essential Series”, the “Advanced Series”, and the “Prestige Series”. The Garmin 2495LMT represents the high end of the “Advanced Series”, offering users a couple of pleasant surprises.

Packed with features such as lifetime map and traffic updates, 3D Traffic featuring a special traffic avoidance system and even Bluetooth integration and voice navigation, this GPS navigator will have consumers thinking twice about getting a “Prestige Series” GPS device considering the features, good performance and interface improvements this Garmin nuvi 2495LMT brings.

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A Sneak Peek at a 2013 Garmin nuvi Advanced GPS Navigator – Garmin nuvi 2797LMT

Garmin has a couple of brand new GPS navigators that have been launched for the year and we had a sneak peek at Garmin’s nuvi Advanced series – the Garmin nuvi 2797LMT.

This 7-inch GPS navigator got us all excited with a couple of notable features. First, the powered mount, an all new Up Ahead menu that gives us a list of upcoming gas stations, banks/ATMs and restaurants and most of all, Traffic options that would alert drivers to current traffic conditions on the route they are on.

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A Value Buy : Garmin nuvi 2455LMT

Garmin nuvi 2455LMT

Garmin nuvi 2455LMT

2012 saw some of the best GPS devices coming from Garmin and the Garmin nuvi 2455LMT is just one of them. This GPS device was one of the first to include new refinements from the GPS manufacturer. These refinements include the new photoReal junction view and many more exciting features. If you have $200 to spare, the Garmin nuvi 2455LMT is simply an excellent choice considering it also comes with lifetime map and traffic updates. Read the full Garmin nuvi 2455LMT review here!

Great Garmin GPS Devices For The GPS Newbie

As commonplace as the GPS navigator may be, there are still some folks out there who are about to lay their hands on one, for the first time. While there are many GPS manufacturers out there, Garmin has to be one of the most popular GPS manufacturer names around the globe.

Newbies who are thinking about getting a GPS device can consider the entry level Garmin nuvi 40LM. While it does not have much state of the art features to boast of, this 4.3-inch basic GPS device will get you places and should prove very easy for people that never used a GPS device before to learn how to operate it.

If you believe you require a larger screen, the 5.0-inch Garmin nuvi 50LM would probably suffice. Find out more about the Garmin nuvi 50LM here.

Android App Connects Garmin Devices & Android Tablets



Targeted at fitness buffs, the all new Sportablet is an Android app that allows users to connect most Garmin devices to the Android tablets, giving users the ability to post to Garmin Connect or Facebook and more.

While Sportablet currently only allows one-way data transfer from the Garmin device to the Android tablet, there looks to be a roadmap for the further development of this app to allow two-way transfer.

Garmin users and loyal supporters can look forward to Sportablet support on the Edge series first.

Tips For The Newbie GPS User

Now that you have gotten yourself a spanking new GPS unit, here are a couple of tips that you might find useful :

1) Register it
Do make sure you register your units almost right away, especially if you did not get one with lifetime maps. By doing this, you might find yourself with a free map update, depending on the manufacturer. The general rule of thumb would be to do this within 60 days.

2) Explore it
Have fun poking around those menus to familiarize yourself with your new gadget and the options it provides you. Look out for options such as fastest route and not the shortest route and avoiding gravel roads, ferries and u-turns.

3) Mark your home
Mark your home on your GPS unit, for convenience.

4) Got a lemon?
If you have found yourself a lemon, take it to the store you purchased it from, making this the fastest and most hassle-free way to exchange it.

5) Trust but Verify
Some GPS can get you lost once in a while so the best thing to do is to trust but always verify the route to see if it looks right.