Your Motorcycle Needs Garmin Zumo

There came a point where Garmin realized that motorcyclists can’t stick with RoadMates for GPS navigation. Then they created the Zumo, motorcycle GPS designed specifically to meet the needs of motorcyclists.

Garmin zumo

For motorcyclists, the Zumo can be operated without taking off your gloves and it is designed to provide better riding experience! From the world’s leading GPS provider, you can expect the best navigation features. These include junction view, lane assist and TracBack!

Your Garmin Zumo will get you safely from wherever you are to where you want to go. Grab the free add-on of lifetime map updates to navigate with the most up-to-date roads, highways and POIs!

Weather is always the factor for motorcyclists. Hence the Zumo was tested to withstand the harshest of conditions, from the scorching heat to freezing temperatures and heavy rain. Worry not, as the Zumo was designed with fuel-resistant plastic to keep any gaseous vapors out of your GPS navigator.

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MapMyIndia Launches Trailblazer 2 GPS Navigator

Leader in digital maps in India, MapMyIndia focuses on GPS devices, location apps and GIS solutions. The newest product is the Trailblazer 2, designed for motorbikes.


Trailblazer 2

Sporting a 8.9cm wide touchscreen, the Trailblazer runs on the motorcycle’s battery. With a special bike clamp mount, it can be kept steady on the motorbike’s handlebar and can be just as easily removed as it is placed. Voice instructions can be installed from MapMyIndia and can be heard through any standard A2DP Bluetooth headset.

It can play music, movies and store photos as well. It also houses a new state-of-the-art software, “Don’t Panic”; a brand new GPS navigation software interface pioneered by India’s best 3D and house-level maps from MapMyIndia.

This GPS unit will not fall short of giving you the best and most accurate maps in India. Door-to-door navigation to house addresses in up to 50 cities coupled with 10.33 million points of interests (POI) will get you to your destination with ease!